For hikers

For hikers

Hiking routes

The surroundings of Balatongyörök is a perfect choice fot those who love hiking. There are numerous routes, from easy to hard, from short to long, to satisfy evereyones' needs. Keszthely mountains are ideal for hiking. Through the routes there several caves and look-out towers. Hiking can be a possible all-day porgramme for the whole family, as well. Maps can be purchased from the Tourinform office, which mark the popular routes, sights, ditance and difficulty.


Tour with bicycle

There are several bicycle routes near Balaton. Tourists can choose between shorter and longer routes, as well. Thorugh the routes cyclers can find some stops to stop a little and flatter in the beautiful view and environment.



Szépkilátó provides the most beutiful panorama of Balaton. Several picnic tables and buffets are waiting for tourists there.

From Szépkilátó tourists can see the whole Tapolca-basin, Badacsony, Szent-György-hill, Csobánc, Gulács, Tóti-hill, Haláp, Somló-hill, Kis-Somló and Ság-hill. under the hill of Szépkilátó tourists can find Római forrás (Romanic fountain) which provided water for the nearby bath in Roman times.


Szent-Mihály hill

The hill is 136 m high and on top of it tourists can find a little chapel. The panorama is also beautiful from the top of Szent-Mihály hill.


Golfing possibilities

There is a golf-course near the beach of Balaton and Szépkilátó. Every year there is an open day when the enquirers can get acquainted with golfing.

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