The location of Balatongyörök

The settlement lies on the eastern part of the Keszthely mountains, between a forest and a lake. The mountains are made up of limestone and dolomite which were formed from the shells of tiny animals of the seas of the Triassic age. This origin determines the present soil conditions as well. Limy-stony rendzina soil covers the whole territory of the village. The soil is so stony at certain places that it is only a few centimetres thick, with a 60-70 cm thick hard pan beneath. The name of one of the different parts of the settlement also refers to this: Kövesmezõ (Stony Field), as the western part of the village is called, at the corner of which you can find the village cemetery.

The village lies at the crossing of three different climatic areas. Hot summers and cold winters are characteristic of it; the continental effect is dominant, however, its extremities are reduced by the influences of the oceanic climate which are complete with the mediterranean effect that is caused by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate and the soil conditions determine the flora vegetating here. In the National Park that starts at the borderline of the village Turkey oak trees, karst shrub-woods and planted Australian pines dominate the landscape. The Hungarian fustic bushes with their blushing leaves offer a fascinating spectacle mostly in autumn. You can find a number of protected plants in this area: orchids, iris, ferns. Of the plants typical to mediterranean areas the thyme and the wild marjoram (oregano) are excellent spices. Excellent jam can be made from the blackberries that grow almost everywhere, from the blue-berried blackthorn and the fruit of the dogberries that flourish yellow in the early spring. The sight of the village is determined by the row of old villas with their gigantic lime-trees and by the beach with its huge plane trees lining the promenade. You can still find traditional village gardens with plants like geranium, mallow, aster and chrysanthemum at some houses. The fauna is also very rich here. You can see roes, deer and foxes as well as a number of bird species in the forest. In the fields pheasants, crows flying in murders and the lovely singing birds such as titmice, goldfinches and hawfinches are in abundance. Amphibia and reptiles can also be found in great numbers: the Pannonian lizard, the grass snake and the common snake. Lake Balaton is very rich in fish; you can angle either from the shore or from a boat. You can catch carps, pikes, eels and breams as well which are not appreciated as much as the others.


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